Why Us?

Three Reasons to Partner with Us

You've worked with other metal fabricators. But we're betting you haven't worked with anyone quite like us. In fact, we differentiate ourselves in three key performance areas: speed, capabilities, and quality control. Put all of those factors together, and you'll see why we are a cut above. Literally.

Speed: 3-4 Week Turnaround. Standard.

One of your primary concerns is always on-time production and delivery. We've got you covered. Our standard turnaround is three to four weeks, and we can offer two-day delivery (or faster) across the region.

Capabilities: We do it all. And then some.

Yes, we offer all of the standard manufacturing processes and services you expect. But we also offer additional capabilities you might not expect. Pristine powder coating and finishing facilities with a five-stage wash system. Customization options that include silk screening. Light to moderate mechanical assembly to save you valuable production steps. And even if it's not on our "standard" list of capabilities, we go above and beyond to give you solutions. So ask. And we'll deliver.

Quality: It's part of every step and process.

Quality can be a meaningless word, thrown around in conversation. But it's the very foundation of everything we do - which in no small part explains why we maintain a rigorous Quality Management System, why we build UL listed products that exceed UL specifications., and why we developed our own quality mantra to guide everything we do: "We are dedicated to a high level of business ethics and integrity, providing quality products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers. Committed to the continued investment in the development of quality management, process stability and resource capability."

Our Quality Process

We're committed to continuous improvement. Here are just a few ways we build a quality mindset into everything we do.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified by DQS, Inc.
  • UL Listed
  • Daily quality meetings
  • FabriVISION precision scanning and measurement
  • Quality checks of every lot
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Manuals
  • Key quality measurements such as data logger, Data-PAQ calibration tests, adhesion tests, prophilometer scratch tests, pencil hardness tests for coating, durometer tests for gaskets and more

The Sytech Team

Quality-focused manufacturing begins with quality-focused people. This is the team committed to each and every one of your projects.