Continuously investing in our customers’ success

Fabrication Technology

Fabrication technology is constantly evolving. To offer the highest-quality precision fabrication services, SYTECH is continually researching and investing in the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment, as well as providing ongoing training for our staff.

We know that staying at the top of our game requires vigilance and the ability to evolve along with the industry. Fabrication technology never stops, and neither do we! Sytech Inc. understands that in order to maintain our commitment to the highest quality fabrication and manufacturing services, we must constantly invest in new manufacturing technology and training for our staff.

We’re excited every day for the opportunity to contribute to the success of our customers. If you’re considering Sytech Inc.’s fabrication services and want to learn more, continue reading to review our manufacturing equipment and fabrication techniques.

Amada Machine

Current Equipment List


  • 2x – AMADA EMLK 3610 NT punch/ laser combination machines equipped with tower material loader for lights out capabilities. 2015 / 2016
  • 1x – AMADA LC 2515 C1 AJ punch / fiber laser combination machine with tower material loader for lights out capabilities. 2018
  • 1x – AMADA LC 2415 CX IV NT 4kwt laser equipped with material tower for lights out capabilities. 2017
  • 1x – AMADA AE 2510 NT 51-station turret punch press. 2015
  • 1 each Mazak 3kwt tube laser 2020
  • 1 each Router Table 56” x 144” 2018


  • 3x – 10’/130 ton with ATC (auto tool changes)
  • 1x – Robotic bending cell
  • 1x – 10’/130 ton 2015
  • 3x – 8’ /80 ton 2010, 2014, 2016
  • 8x – 4’ /30 ton 2000 to 2014

State-of-the-art press brakes allow us to hold tight tolerances.
Hybrid drive system engineered for low energy consumption.
Highly accurate ram is capable and repeatable.


  • 3x – DOOSAN DNM 5700S 15,000 rpm spindle CNC Machines
  • 1x – DOOSAN PUMA 2600SY twin spindle mill turn lathe
  • 1x – DOOSAN NHP 5500 horizontal machining center


  • 1x – Robotic welding cell
  • 10x – TIG machines 2014 to 2020
  • 3x – MIG machines 2020
  • 2x – Spot welding machines
  • 1x – Stud welding machine

We offer standard MIG and TIG welding, stud welding, and spot welding. All stainless-steel welding requirements go through a passivation process. All UL Listed products meet TIG welding standards for water tightness and structural stability.

Powder Coating

  • 1x – Powder coating line
  • 1x – 5 state wash line
  • 1x – In-line primer booth (pre-finish coat)
  • 1x – Finish booth

7,500-square-foot powder coating and finishing department featuring a conveyor line set up for mass production, a Nordson application booth and in-line primer booth, and a five-stage wash line. We offer a wide variety of standard color choices and can create or match custom colors.


  • 1x – Clear chromate line (ROHS Hexavalent Chromate)
  • Cerakote wet paint

Foam in Place Gasket Machine

  • 1x – Foam in place gasket system

Our gaskets are made from durable self-skinning polyurethane that can be installed directly to metal, powder coated parts, or stand alone. Foam in place gaskets are seamless and continuous, preventing leakage or failure.

Silk Screen

  • 2x – IR printing machines
  • 3x – Manual pull silk-screen

Hardware Insertion

  • 24x – PEM hardware insertion presses
  • 2x – Pneumatic presses
  • 5x – Clutch rivet machines

The latest Haeger and Pemserter machines ensure fast, turnkey hardware operations. Select from a huge assortment of hardware — and if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll get it for you within 24 hours. 


  • 1x – CMM (coordinate measuring machine)
  • 1x – Faro Arm 7 axis
  • 1x – Fabrivision 2D scanner
  • 1x – Fabrivision 3D scanner
  • 2x – TRIMOS V3 Fowler high precision electronic height gauge