About Sytech

Three reasons to partner with us

We differentiate ourselves in three key performance areas: speed, capabilities, and quality control.

SYTECH’s full array of manufacturing capabilities gives you an equal array of manufacturing possibilities. We fabricate a full line of UL listed enclosures (Types 1, 3R, 4 and 4X), as well as solutions for chassis, weldments, assemblies, cabinets, brackets, bus bars, and plastics.

But those are just the beginning, as we can customize any design, and even save you production steps with additional services such as foam in place gasketing, mechanical assembly, silk screening, and more.

Our Capabilities

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Our sheet metal cabinets are built to your exact needs and specs, including rack mount cabinets, computer cabinets, equipment cabinets, utility cabinets, wall mount cabinets, data center cabinets and more. Typical materials include aluminum, rolled steel and stainless steel.

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At Sytech, Inc., we create custom metal brackets of any type: pan brackets, hat brackets, plate brackets, mounting brackets, display brackets, motor brackets, sensor brackets, slide brackets, flex brackets, transition brackets, or any custom bracket you need. Substrates and materials include aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel with finish options such anodized, alodine, zinc, chromate and tin plating. We can also powder coat and silk screen any bracket.

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Yes, we also work with plastics. A full range of them, in fact, including UL-listed materials. We offer in-house bending, machining and fabrication of plastic parts as part of our overall fabrication and assembly services. Materials we regularly work with include polycarbonate, High Density Polyethylene (HDTE), ABS, UHMW, GPO3 (Glastic), and many others.

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We build any chassis to any specs, creating an electrical terminal—and any chassis can be built to UL Listing certification. An endless array of options means you can choose the material (including aluminum, steel, or stainless steel), as well as the finish (including powder coating and silk screening). Additionally, we can assemble per your specifications with grounding, hardware insertion, and much more.

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Our sheet metal bus bars conduct electricity for switchboards, racks, substations, tower grounding, and other applications. We also fabricate industrial bus bars for transformers and switch gears. Common material choices include copper, aluminum and brass, all of which can be tin plated for soldering and ultimate conductivity. Our standard thicknesses range from .01 inches to .5 inches.

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Bus Bars

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