We offer any combination of powder coat, chromate, silk screening, and bare metal finishing options. Our facility features a powder coat, or dry paint, application system setup for mass production. Powder coating is a process that sprays powder paint product onto a clean metal surface. When sprayed, the powder particles adhere electrostatically on the metal as it moves into a large oven. Heat fuses the powder particles and forms a continuous surface on the metal, giving it a smooth, painted finish.

Our facility also houses a clear hexavalent-free chromate system. Sheet metal parts undergo a chromate process to create a protective chemical finish that retains electrical conductivity, minimizes risk of corrosion, and improves adhesion performance.

Silk screening can be applied to raw, powder coated, and chromate parts. Silk screening is a process where artwork is burned onto mesh screens as a negative and used to manually print onto a surface like a stencil. Silk screening applications are ideal for branding, labels, or other artwork on finished parts.