Precision Manufacturing Done Right

In manufacturing, repeatable precision is everything. That's why, at Sytech, we're driven to constantly pursue even higher levels of quality. We hold daily meetings about it. We refine our processes to improve it. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and UL listed. We test our equipment stringently and expose each lot to multi-level inspections from start to finish.

Yes, you can say we take this stuff seriously.

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We offer single-source manufacturing of custom sheet metal products: design support, tooling fabrication, welding, powder coating, silk screening, and mechanical assembly from concept to delivery.


At Sytech, we don't manufacture a "standard" product. We manufacture exactly what you envision, created according to your specific needs and our stringent standards. See some examples.

Why Sytech?

Why Sytech

Sure, there are other choices. But we believe our story sets us apart, because we have capabilities, equipment, resources and ideas others can't match. Here are three ways we excel:

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