Welding Fabrication

The team at SYTECH is well known for being experts in welding fabrication, providing a wide range of custom manufacturing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art welding technology and advanced equipment enable us to offer precision and reliability in every project we undertake. With decades of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled and certified welders has a keen eye for detail and expert knowledge of all welding techniques.

Our weld team mobilizes across the facility to integrate TIG, MIG, Stud, and Spot welding into other fabrication steps, reducing overall production time. Frequently, they will join the forming or hardware process where parts are being bent to specified dimensions or where hardware is inserted into the sheet metal.

Our production team uses only gas arc welding services. Gas arc welding uses the power supply from weld equipment to produce a powerful heat source, called an arc flame, that is used to melt a filler material to join parts to one another.

Our facility primarily uses TIG welds due to the high volume of material under 0.25 inches used for the majority of our sheet metal fabrication. Once seams are joined and weldments attached, the edges are often ground smooth, and the parts are prepped to move on to the next stage of production.

Because of our passion for innovation and quality control, we can ensure that every custom welding fabrication product leaving our facility meets or exceeds industry standards. While we are capable of handling projects of all sizes, we prefer larger orders because they allow us to showcase our mastery of welding and deliver a better value to our clients. No matter what the project, you can trust SYTECH for all your welding fabrication needs and experience the precision and quality that comes with our world-class service. Contact us for more info today.