Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fast, repeatable, and automated production on state-of-the art Amada laser & punch press cutting equipment. Our facility is optimized for medium to high volume manufacturing.


TIG, MIG, stud, and spot welding is combined with other fabrication processes around the facility, reducing downtime between production steps to increase throughput and guarantee deadlines.

Precision CNC Machining

Ultra tight tolerances; reliable and repeatable. Precision machining custom modules and components for a comprehensive manufacturing experience.

Mechanical Assembly

Full-service, turnkey contract manufacturing; supporting the fabrication of thousands of metal, sheet metal, and plastic products.


We offer any combination of powder coat, chromate, silk screening, and bare metal finishing options.

Plastic Fabrication

Simple, mass production plastic fabrication. Cutting, forming, and machining dozens of sheet and bar stock plastics for hundreds of applications.

Laser Tube Cutting

Clean. Fast. Effective. Versatile tube cutting on a six-axis laser. And a hi-tech cutting machine for plastics, foam, rubber and other types of materials.

Enclosure Solutions

Electrical enclosure solutions that meet and exceed Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and National Electric Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) requirements for water tightness and structural integrity.