Success Stories

How SYTECH Builds Enclosures

Success Stories

All of our enclosures, chassis, and lids are fabricated from sheet metal. We manufacture electrical enclosures from start to finish and maintain strict adherence to customer requirements with the product’s end use in mind. We accept customer provided drawings, SolidWorks models, or detailed specifications to create in-house models standardizing the fabrication of the enclosure for high volume repeatability and reliability.

Parts are cut on one of five Amada turret, laser, or combination punch press machines, of which four units are equipped with 24/7 self load/unload automation. Lids and chassis are broken out of their metal skeletons after cutting and quality checked with an infrared laser to compare the physical product with its CAD dimensions. Once parts are signed off as flat stock, they are then sent to forming where they are bent to specification using hydraulic press brake equipment.

During setup, the machinery’s ram system is carefully calibrated to ensure angular dimensions are met, first parts are quality checked, and once approved, the run continues until finished. The skilled operator takes measurements periodically and makes adjustments to the press brake equipment to maintain dimensional quality. Sytech will often nest, or group, additional activities around the forming process. Once a part has been bent, it will often be handed to another operator adjacent to the press brake for another production step, such as hardware insertion, seam welding, and grind/deburr. Nesting processes together reduces in-process time loss, drives production efficiency, and increases our turnaround time on electrical enclosures.

The product is then masked, plugged, and prepared for powder coat finishing. The chassis and lids of the enclosure are sent to our powder line where they are hung and pass through a 5-stage wash line. The parts dry through a section of oven and then pass through a spray booth where powdered paint is applied electrostatically to the sheet metal parts. The parts then enter a large oven that cures the powder to the components.

Parts then cool as they snake their way along the rest of the line and often proceed to silk screening to apply artwork such as logos, labels, or panel descriptions. Lids are gasketed with our form-in-place gasket machine to create a seamless and continuous seal, preventing leakage and failure.

The chassis and lids are then assembled by our team where hinge pins are driven to connect the components to one another and latches, locks, and handles are installed.

The assembled enclosure undergoes a final quality check from one of our trained technicians who part checks the assembly against its blueprints for final inspection prior to shipping. The products are packaged carefully according to their journey either by local delivery in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho or by third-party freight.