Success Stories

Perfecting an Enclosure Design for a Large Cellular Company

Design Engineering, Mechanical Assembly, Sheet Metal Fabricating, Welding

A customer reached out to SYTECH with their mechanical design for a sturdy enclosure, with intentions for quick disassembly in the field.  We were given some liberties to make changes for manufacturing purposes if need be.

We presented a revision that included a quick release to a cover that was designed as an all in one, in lieu of separate pieces as they had originally designed.  We also presented alterations to material callouts that were stronger and less costly to the design, whilst also using certain types of hardware to assist in joining the various pieces together that also proved to be more cost effective.  In the end the customer commented that they were extremely pleased with our revision to their design.  The enclosures are still used in field operations today with the sturdy, strong longevity that was first envisioned by the customer, and then engineered and manufactured confidently by SYTECH.